Little Box of Joy

 Personalized Book Box Experience!

Give me a chance to find your next favorite book!

Welcome to A Little Box of Joy a personalized book box website! What makes little box of joy different than the other boxes? While other boxes stick with new books I will more than likely pick an older book you might not have even heard of! There are so many amazing books out there that haven't hit mainstream readers yet, and those are the books I will possibly be choosing from. Little box of Joy is also different in that we never run out of boxes! Because I put together the boxes just for you there is no limit per month on the number of boxes offered! If you have multiple boxes you might find that there are months that you get the same book in each box! That won't happen with Little Box of Joy!

I started A Little Box of Joy after my sister encouraged me to try something new! I have worked in book retail for  over nine years and I love helping people find the right books. Having read so many myself I feel like I will be able to help you pick books you will love too! All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire, pick which box you want, and your box will be sent to you as quickly as possible!

For right now I will just be offering YA and young reader titles, but the plan is to get set up for children's books within a few months.

There are three box options and all include some fun swag! Let me help you find your next adventure!

I can ship internationally but it will require an invoice instead of using the web store so you will have to email me so that we can get the right information into your invoice!

To get started just Purchase the box you want then I will send you the questionnaire!